The Republic by Plato


The Republic by Plato

Subject:  Political Philosophy

The Republic has easily remained one of the most influential titles in political philosophy for thousands of years.  Although Plato may not have been the greatest philosopher, unlike his mentor, he was certainly a phenomenal writer.  In these texts, he does an exquisite job of conveying the thoughts of Socrates through presentation by conversational dialogue.  Plato maintained that the greatest form of government is the rule of the wise.  Some of the ideas discussed involve the definition of justice, the theory of universals, immortality of the soul, and the theorized dialectical forms of government of the times. 

One of my first reads on philosophy, The Republic will likely remain one of my favorites for quite a while.  Although it took me several attempts to finish it, I had no qualms with rereading the first half several times over.  In all honesty, it has been a while since I have read it last.  If anyone is interested in discussing the title, I’m all eyes.


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